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Unlocking Renewable Energy 

for a Greener Future

Move towards energy efficiency by exploring renewable energy options.
Fostering the Growth of Renewable Energy

We are the leading independent trading firm of green certificates in the UK, dedicated to the transition towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible world. 

Trading Services

Our trading service facilitates direct trading of renewable energy certificates, carbon offsets, and PPAs.

Brokerage Solutions

Our guidance facilitates secure and efficient transactions, empowering clients to achieve their sustainability goals.

Client Support

We provide guidance and support to facilitate the efficient fulfillment of clients environmental commitments.

Your Partner In Renewable Solutions

and energy attribute certificates

FenekGreen specializes in negotiating renewable certificates, including GOs, CO2 certificates, and PPAs.


We provide tailored solutions, transparency, and maximize value through seamless transactions, ensuring confidence in navigating the complex landscape while optimizing renewable energy investments.

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Bridging the Gap

Guarantees of origin for clean energy transition

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The Journey Begins

and we are with your all the way

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Solar Panels

As experts in Renewable Energy Certificate Compliance Schemes (RECCS), we proudly offer one of Europe's largest trading networks. Our experienced team in the energy trading market is committed to providing you with exceptional energy commodities and services to meet your needs.

With our team of specialists, we simplify the intricate realm of carbon markets, guiding businesses to comprehend and adhere to regulatory obligations. Our customized carbon trading solutions empower companies to offset their CO2 emissions through investments in certified carbon reduction projects.

Through our expertise in energy markets, we establish vital connections between renewable energy generators and buyers, guaranteeing a steady revenue stream for clean energy projects and propelling the transition towards a greener world.

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